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February 22, 2017
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October 9, 2017

Destination weddings have become popular with young couples. Modern day couples believe in spending big money on scintillating destinations to give a new meaning to their bonding. The wedding destination is seen as a venue to bring together the near and dear to take part in the celebration and at the same time get to understand each other’s families better. Destination wedding is a win-win situation for everyone. Special events organizers can make your wedding a great success.

No more formals: Forget about buttoned up affair and go around bare foot during your beach wedding. A wedding report by Mintel in 2013 reveals that 58% of brides remember only the casual party at their wedding than the formal events. Today couples are taking to the road to tie the knot. Destination wedding is taking people leisure locations to unwind and relax with their loved one on their special day.

Choosing your dream destination: If you have put a place in your bucket list, it is time to take a look at it when you are deciding on your destination wedding. Whether it is in the Amazon rainforest, castle in Ireland or rooftop in New York, it is time to chalk out a plan. There are destination wedding experts who can give you the best package. Plan in advance to make the most of your wedding destination.

Capture the scenic beauty on lens: Instead of clicking around the banquet hall, it is time to move to the countryside and create some epic shots close to nature. The photographers unleash their imagination by bringing out the most of your wedding destination, creating out of the box pictures to decorate your walls.

Small guest size: Unlike traditional weddings in destination weddings you can cut down the guest list to half. The event being in a far away location gives you the advantage of inviting only very close friends and relatives. It is more a close family affair. It helps to filter away acquaintances and colleagues. The inclination to invite more guests is diluted if you choose destination wedding.

Go wild: Get some fresh breeze, drive out taking off the wedding pressure off your back. Destination weddings give you a chance to customize your wedding at the pace you wish. You can infuse cultural flavor into your wedding by incorporating the local culture in your wedding. These local customs can add a new dimension to your wedding.

Time for double honeymoon: Choose a mindboggling destination wedding location and forget about planning your honeymoon. All you need to do is to stay a few days extra to complete your minimoon. Since all the travel expenses are paid for and suites booked, there is no need to look for a different location to spend time together. You can also check in for a separate honeymoon a few months later if you feel like it. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy two honeymoons at the cost of one.

A VIP wedding: Destination weddings are an intimate affair where the guest list is limited and only closed family and friends attend the wedding. It helps to restrict your invitees and also give personalized attention to everyone. It makes the guests feel like VIPs.

Treats of unknown location: Yes, the place is new and the people are strangers, yet you can make this happen with the help of professional destination wedding planners. The good news is some of the best destination wedding locations are set in neutral spots. The location is new to everyone and the location is sure to be exciting for your guests. It is the right time to bring your family and friends together to have a gala time together.

No more stress: Bid goodbye to all wedding stress, as you plan your wedding at some of the best locales in the world. It is sure to be a vacation for you and your family. So forget about stress and pack your best clothes for this beautiful vacation to start your life together. The couple and their family have no stress of booking hotels, venue, florist, decorators, photographers, etc. They can relax while all the arrangements are made by professional wedding planners.

Resort wedding is garnering all the attention for its pollution free environment and serenity. The couple and their family are sure to have a great time together.

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