Best family resorts to visit in India

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When it comes to planning a vacation with kids, you need to take ultimate care in choosing accommodation and facilities. The resort should kid friendly with all the best amenities. Some people choose hotels instead of resorts and end up missing various facilities. We have listed some of the top family resorts which you should consider visiting when planning for a trip with your kids. 

Amavana in Karnataka

 It is the ideal place to spend with family. You will enjoy a lot of best moments as it is bounded by nature. The resort is situated on the calm Coorg and serves as a best weekend vacation spot from Bangalore. You can go for a forest trek, play sports, enjoy a picnic, spend time with your family in the large bungalow and also enjoy various facilities provided at the Amavana resort. It is sure the resort makes your holiday memorable and enjoyable. 

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Destiny The Farm Resort in Tamil Nadu

 Do you wish to live in a farmhouse? Well, if your answer is yes, you need to check the Destiny the Farm Resort situated in Ooty. It offers the combination of a relaxed farm lifestyle and adventure. The resort provides activities such as tractor ride, picnic near the lake, horse riding lessons, and agri-dairy tours. It also offers opportunities for outdoor and indoor activities. Some exciting indoor activities include theatre and games room. If you want to participate in adventurous activities, you can try valley crossing, rappelling, camping and hiking in outdoor environments. 

Tree House Hideaway 

 If you have a dream of staying in a tree house, you need to plan your stay at Tree House Hideaway. It is located very near to the popular Bandhavgaarh National Park. It is the best place where your kids can relax, play pillow fighting game in the beautiful tree house and also try bonfire, barbecue, camping, and jungle safari. 

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