Best Eco Resorts With Stunning Settings In India

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Eco-friendly tourism is becoming a popular concept in India. It does not mean eco-resorts are not luxurious. They are highly luxurious and comfortable. We have listed some of the best eco-resorts where you should definitely plan and experience its ambiance.

Coconut Lagoon

Located in the Kumarakom backwaters, Coconut Lagoon is one of the best eco-resorts in Kerala, India. It is popular for the significance it shows on the local communities, heritage conservation, nature, and environment. History and water are the main essentials at Coconut Lagoon. It is possible to access this beautiful property only by boat, thus it serves as a unique escape from the usual list. 

The resort showcases the beauty of ancient Kerala with its traditional wooden buildings which were transported and restored. You can enjoy the ayurvedic spa, backwater cruises, and sunset cruises. The price of double bedroom resort for a single night is INR 15,000. Some of the eco-features of the resort include use of composting and vermiculture, chemical-free zone, conversion of justify-over into fuel, organic farming and utilization of cows to consume the grass. 

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Banasura Hill Resort 

It is said to the largest earth resort in Asia. Banasura Hill Resort is basically constructed using mud that is referred to as rammed earth. The resort has a total of 31 rooms and occupies a large eco-friendly landscape of 35 acres farm. It is situated in the Wayanad District, Vellamunda region. You have a lot of opportunities to visit a tribal village, caves, and waterfalls around the resort. It also resides a revitalizing Ayurveda spa. 

The cost of per night double bedroom accommodation is INR 8,000 which includes breakfast. Some of the main eco highlights of the resort are constructed from recycled wood and mud. The resort uses natural light on the maximum level. CFL lamps reduce energy consumption. It also has a biogas plant which recycles organic waste and transfers to the kitchen of the resort. 

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