Mouth-Watering Food Varieties With a Hint of Local Flavor

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July 26, 2017
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Every individual’s perspective for a good off, from their busy schedules differs according to their priorities. For a normal person, a good transition from his/her hectic work means a long duration of inactiveness, sleeping and dozing off for long hours, eating and relishing heavy and exquisite cuisines accompanied by a complete cut off from their normal work. But these methods do not bring in liveliness and refreshment in the lives of exemplary people.

For those people a long vacation means to stay connected with nature, society and remain attached to their daily routines as well. Also for them, all-inclusive hotels equipped with additional facilities like swim-up bars and bronzing are outdated and basic food varieties do not excite them much. With more and more laziness setting in and entering  into our lives, people have tend to become obese, unhealthy and many fear that we may evolve into those sad, futuristic and screen addicted humans which were picturized in the film Wall-E. With the standard routines in our lives, our limbs crave to do something different and active and our stomach yearn for something good and healthy.

Eating junk foods which have high salt content, avoiding fresh vegetables and fruits and consuming too much alcohol damage our digestive system and makes us unhealthy. The diet mentioned above is economically a poor choice when you have diet restrictions. Basically avoid alcohol and smoking. Rhythmia hotels in Costa Rica provide a wide range of features which make them stand apart and distinct from the other resorts. They have massage centers, organic food, colon cleansing techniques, fresh juice, workshops and sessions which are life changing, yoga and meditation and volcanic mud baths. They charge appropriate prices for all their services and have efficient facilities, amazing hospitality, well attentive staffs and a completely positive vibe.

The insights which we obtain during the stay at their hotels help us revive our body, mind and soul. And above all the food was an absolute winner. The food which is prepared here resembles homemade foods and is clean, traditional, healthy and most importantly unconditionally delicious. It is purely vegetarian and offer meals which are protein- free. But owing to their customer’s needs and priorities, they make special arrangements for chicken, eggs and fish. Fishes here are fresh, soft and juicy.  Every meal which is offered here has a combination of different choices of cooked and raw dishes. And if you end up hungry between the meals, they offer fresh fruits which are far better than candies. They also provide nuts and tender coconuts to munch in, between the meals. The staffs here are very attentive and carry out their bests to please and make up us happy and full with our stomachs. For breakfast, they offer fresh juice, healthy fruits, chia puddings, smoothies and the best oatmeal with exquisite toppings.

The main course changes daily but they always provide you eggs and gallo pinto (a Costa Rica native dish comprising rice and red beans). They also give you pancakes and muffins. For the lunch, they offer you a wide range of hot options and desserts. They have salads, marinated mushrooms and pickled vegetables. The main course includes rice, vegetables and Kitchari (an healthy dish made up of rice, spices and lentils). There are separate sections for dining for diet restrictors as well offering cooked vegetables, grains and beans with the highly flavorful and tasty Rhytmia sauce which is exclusively available only at their places. Dinners basically resemble a restricted lunch with salads, vegetables, grains with fish or meat available separately.

If you are travelling with diet restrictions on your food, then it becomes very difficult to find your meal. By getting tired of searching for your next meal and also because of its unavailability, you may settle with having something which is inappropriate or restricted to you. To visit a resort having no worries about your food and diet restrictions is a complete treat. During meal times, all you have to do is to go to the place where the dining takes place to see the whole range of delicious dishes displayed before you with their names and ingredients listed. The very sight of them makes any person mouth watering and hungry.

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