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Today people prefer to spend their vacation in resorts located in hilly areas. Resorts are the perfect weekend gateways for relaxing with your family. Owning a resort is one of the lucrative business, and you have to consider various factors for establishing it. The following are some of the valuable suggestions to set up a resort in Uttarakhand. 

Setting Up A Resort

It is a challenging venture to open a resort in a hilly area like Uttarakhand. It is, of course, profitable business but makes sure that you follow certain tactics and work on ways to set up a resort.

Tips To Establish A Resort

You have to consider various factors when setting up a resort in Uttarakhand. 

Choose Appropriate Area: You may require at least one acre to set up a decent resort. So look for areas with sufficient space so that resort looks spacious.  

Select The Right Location: You have to choose the right location for building the resort. Choose popular places which attract tourists from various parts of the world.

Apply For Licenses And Permits: Make sure you obtain the necessary permits and licenses to run a resort. You must hold a license for running an in-house restaurant of the resort.

Hire Required Staffs: You must know about the number of staffs required for running a resort. Hire staffs based on the size of the resort. You can also decide the number of staff based on the number of rooms in your resort. This would help to manage the resort effectively

Choose Suitable Infrastructure: Choose an infrastructure which is suitable for the climate of Uttarakhand. In hilly areas, stone and wood are for the construction of resorts.

Decide On The Budget: You have to decide on a budget for establishing a resort. You need not spend more on purchasing land, but the construction cost is quite high in hilly areas.

The above are the factors to consider when setting up a resort.

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