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Croatia holiday inspiration

Hotels in Croatia

Croatia is a popular tourist destination along the coastline. It is a perfect place to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the ocean. There are various other exciting tourist spots in Croatia that tourists must visit during their visit to this wonderful place. Staying in top resorts in Croatia would offer you a mesmerizing experience and make your vacation blissful. The following list some of the popular vacation resorts in Croatia.

Popular Tourist Spots And Outdoor Activities

Croatia is a popular vacation destination, and you must not miss visiting various tourist spots. Some of the exciting tourist spots are Motovan Forest, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Sjeleme and Istarske Toplice. Some of the popular outdoor activities in Croatia are hiking, mountain biking, walking, and certain activities for perfect relaxation.

Top Vacation Resorts In Croatia

Croatia is known for its scenic beauty, and it is a perfect place to enjoy your vacation. The following are some of the fantastic vacation resorts in Croatia.

Plitvice Fenomen Resort: This is a lavish resort, and it is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is known for its nature-inspired architecture. Tourists visit this resort during winters and summers. It is one of the beautiful resorts in Croatia.  

Istarske Toplice Thermal Resort: This resort is located in the canyon part of River Mirna. This is the best among the Croatia resorts with packages for rejuvenation of the body. The resort is known for its sophisticated spa services. 

Ethno Houses Plitvica: This is a traditional-looking resort that reflects the Lika architecture of Croatian village. Tourists who wish to spend time amidst nature can visit this ethnic resort in Croatia.

Holiday Resort Olive Garden: This heavenly resort is the most preferred choice of couples. Olives surround the resort, and it is the right place to spend their honeymoon. You can enjoy tasty and fresh food from the garden of the resort.

The above are the top Croatia resorts which are popular all over the world.

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