Code Of Conduct To Be Followed During A Jungle Safari

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June 13, 2019
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June 16, 2019
Jungle Safari

Major Wildlife Travelling Measures

A jungle safari offers an adventurous and exciting experience to tourists. It is essential that you follow certain things so that you do not spoil nature or disturb animals. Thus tourists must know about the do’s and don’ts to be followed during the jungle safari. 

Do’s During Jungle Safari

Wear Right Clothes: It is highly recommended to wear a dress that covers your entire body. Thus it would prevent you from contact with insects or wild animals, and you would stay safe. It is also a wise idea to wear layers of clothing. Wear clothes of light color and no bold designs. See that the color of your dress blends with nature. This would do not disturb the animals in the jungle. 

Remain Calm: During the animal safari, you might feel excited but make sure that you stay calm throughout the safari. Making sounds can frighten animals.

Stick To Your Group: During jungle safari, you have to stay in the right company headed by your safari guide. Do not travel alone as it can be dangerous.  

Carry First Aid Kit: You have to carry with you a medical kit in case of accidental injuries. 

Minimize Your Luggage: Try to limit your luggage during the jungle safari. This would offer a comfortable experience. 

Other Essentials: You have to carry with you several essentials like a raincoat, water bottle, mosquito repellent, and sunscreen cream and other essentials along with you during the safari.

Don’ts During Jungle Safari 

There are certain don’ts to be followed during jungle safari to ensure the safety of tourists and animals.

Never Feed Animals: Do not feed the animals as it is a dangerous act. 

Do Not Litter: Avoid littering garbage inside the jungle. Keep in mind that forest is the home of animals.

Do Not Talk Loud: Make sure that you do not scream or talk loud.

Avoid Infant: It is better to avoid infants for a jungle safari as it is challenging to keep them calm during the safari.

The above are the code of conducts to be followed during a jungle safari.

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