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December 28, 2016
The Wonders Of Forest Resorts
February 10, 2017

Complex “Red poppies” invites a charming forest paths of Joseph, we predicted interesting attractions for visitors.

For everyone
During the spring-summer-autumn we offer a tour of the military on the property. As part of the attractions tank T-34 (the famous Rudy) close up, military vehicles from the period of 40 years, demonstration of infantry and artillery positions, ride on the vintage cars forested area.

For companies
We organize unprecedented event and corporate integration. We organize snacks with real field kitchen under a military tent in the forest scenery, serve pea soup, grilled dishes and menus officers. Additionally we can provide pneumatic shooting with rifles – ASG, with replicas of weapons from World War II. Surroundings conducive to walking, cycling and mobile rides, vintage cars, also welcome autumn mushroom picking, hiking walks orientation, the forest area. A trip to the Allied Pilots Monument or the surroundinag concrete bunkers.

For young couples
We offer rental of vintage cars from the 40 military, that every procession of the feast will add character.

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