Amazing Spas Around The World

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Use of CRM and POS software in Resorts
June 16, 2019
View of a Resort
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June 17, 2019
Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador Exterior View

Mashpi Lodge Exterior View

A Spa center is a great place to relax and unleash your senses. It is becoming widely popular as people prefer to live amidst nature and disconnect themselves to the world. There are some breathtaking spas which are located in vibrant jungles and thick rain forest. It gives people a chance to connect with nature and experience its healing power intimately. Here you would get to know about some of the amazing spas in the world.  

Benefits Of Yoga And Spa Therapy 

Spa centers offer various types of therapy which provide numerous health benefits. Yoga is a powerful way to relax your mind, and it helps to relieve from depression. People who are involved in their hectic life prefer visiting these spa centers. 

Beautiful Spas Around The World

The following are some of the breathtaking resorts that offer spa services and Yoga therapy. 

Mandapa, A Ritz- Carlton Reserve: This is an open resort in Bali, Indonesia. The resort is surrounded by lush rice paddy field, and guests can have a mesmerizing experience. The resort offers Balinese healing touch spa therapy and a complimentary yoga class.  

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador: This is a 24 room resort located in Ecuador in an open environment. This resort is a habitat for more than 500 species of birds and animals. The Ocelot stone massage is a signature spa therapy of the resort. 

One And Only Nyungwe House, Rwanda: This luxury resort is situated amidst the tea plantations of Rwanda. This resort is known for its adventurous activities like kayaking biking mountain trekking. Guests explore this forest canopy for its holistic spa therapies. You must not miss out the coffee and mind-body wraps, which offers complete exfoliation to your body and improves the blood circulation.  

Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

This exotic resort is located in a mountainous area of Indonesia in the border of Laos and Myanmar. This resort offers a breathtaking experience as you can enjoy nature along the lush bamboo jungle. The Ruak Bamboo massage is the signature spa treatment of the resort. 

The above are some of the jaw-dropping resorts offering spa services around the world.

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